What is YouTube SEO: How to SEO Optimize my YouTube Channel

Editor/Writer: Vivek Kumar
Published on: 28th June 2020
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Either Blog or YouTube. Product Website or Shopping Platform. We cannot avoid SEO if we are planning to do anything online. But What is YouTube SEO and How can I SEO Optimize my channel? It’s the most obvious question definitely. In simple words, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a package of all those strategies which can help you to rank your video in the top position when someone searches a keyword related to your Video. It’s one of the most important aspects of any online content other than the content itself. It is like inviting people to watch your show after you have prepared your performance.

But it’s not just limited to keywords and fancy names. It has a much wider scope and when we understand the importance of it and scratching the internet to learn about it, we will most probably hit by the name “Neil Patel”. It’s not just a person’s name but a brand name by itself in this segment. His website “ubersuggest” is one of the best free tools that helps you to plan, analyse, understand competition on a particular keyword.


Now when you want to learn SEO for YouTube or promote your channel so that more and more people stop by your channel. Here’s his take to concur this purpose.

In Summary, these are Top 7 Golden SEO Tips we can implement instantly

Golden Tip 1: Translate your videos.

Translate your videos in other languages as well through Subtitles. It will help you to get the views in other languages also. The total population of Spanish, Arabic and Russian speaking people combined is more than the English speaking population. Why exclude them from your awesome content!

Golden Tip 2: Promote Outside

Promote your YouTube Channel outside YouTube as well like blogs or social media.

Golden Tip 3: YouTube SEO vs Blog SEO

YouTube SEO is opposite to Websites/Blog SEO. While Google prefers blogs and websites with a longer presence but in contrast, Youtube Focus on contents which are doing well in the first 24 hours of its upload and ranks higher.

Golden Tip 4: Longer Videos

Make longer Videos, crossing at least the mark of 5 Minutes. Also, crossing 10 Minute mark gives your content more limelight for YouTube ads. So, start stretching your videos.

Golden Tip 5: Upload Transcript

Upload transcript. A transcript is simply the written form of what you are presenting in the video. Even though YouTube has its own translating mechanism but it is not perfect due to accent variations, sarcasm, funny vocab and many more. So uploading Transcript will help to understand your content in much sensible way and hence better credibility of your channel.

Golden Tip 6: Tag Optimization

Tag Optimization. When we are talking about SEO, we cannot ignore Tags and also highly suggested by Neil Patel as well. Tags are the words related to your keywords or the focus of your content. It will help you to catch views from the Tag words also. In the context of a catchphrase, “Less is More”, using 10 to 12 Tags will be more than enough.

Golden Tip 7: Content Quality

Quality of the Content. Even though you can use your keywords multiple times in your video to rank higher but it will definitely affect the quality of your content diminishing the authority of your channel. Improving Production Quality is also a thing of great importance.

As we say


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