Website Learners: Nerving down the struggle of learning website management

Editor: Vivek Kumar
Published on: 9th November 2020

A Brief About Website Learners

Website learners is a YouTube channel that publishes super easy videos to learn how to build and maintain a website.

Let’s Dive Deeper

How do you feel with colour green? I mean sea green or similar. Isn’t it perfectly depicting cool and calmness? Of course, keeping the Hulk out of mind. Aye better not see him turn green.


What if I tell you a YouTube platform perfectly easing the hustle and noisy experience of creating a website. I mean, there is nothing much of suspense here. You already have clicked reading the name. But let me share you a detailed picture of the entire platform.

Based out of Chennai, India, a team of more than 12 are using YouTube as a platform to create a new-generation start-up.

Whether you are a WordPress lover or your way of work suits DIVI builder, they offer world-class super-easy tutorial videos and courses.

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They are in a quest of capturing one of the fastest-growing industry. Let’s look into some of the statistics to back that up.


According to InternetLiveStats

  • There was only one website in the year 1991 and substantially jumped to 1 billion websites in the year 2014.
  • The year 2016 alone witnessed a doubling of websites numbers from 900 million (January 2016) to 1.7 billion (December 2016).

Website Statistics

When the number of websites is exploding day by day, no wonder a need for a platform of world-class website learning is felt like never before.


Well, they don’t hold any monopoly in the industry but undoubtedly one of the toughest competitors.

YouTube Journey of Website Learners

If we look at the first sight, the channel uploaded its first video on 18th Jan 2017 i.e. more than 3 years ago.

61 videos have been uploaded till then. So, 671k subscriber in almost 4 years. What do you think about the growth rate? Perhaps not as fast as “Make Joke of” or “Data is beautiful”. But wait, they are in a completely different genre from entertainment. A genre which makes it not just another YouTube channel but a start-up on itself. Each subscriber act as a potential customer for the future paid services they might introduce.


Let’s dig into some more data to understand the dynamics of the channel.

  • The visitors to the channel hails from around the world. Majority of them belongs to India (53 per cent) and the United States (29 per cent)
Website Learners
  • Even though the visitors are not limited to any particular social structure, there is a huge gap between the male and female audience. The data indicates Website Learners as a male oriented-genre.

(Source: Noxinfluencer)

  • Two of the most popular videos of the channel hold exponentially more views than the subscribers. 10 Million and 3.7 million views respectively as on 9th November 2020
  • With total 61 videos uploaded as on 10th November, the channel successfully crossed the 600k subscribers on 24 August.
Website LEarners Growth

Editor's Column

Can a YouTube channel be a potential start-up? Can I start a business with almost no major investment? I think the success of Website Learners answers all these questions.


Though a major pain point we can realize through Website Learners is the massive gap of male and female involvement. In today’s reality, a business without an online presence is a crippled business, and most of the entrepreneurs are very well aware of this. It is visible through the growth of the number of websites year over year.

So the above data indicates less participation of female entrepreneurs than male.

Are we lagging as a society to cultivate more female leaders? Or “successful entrepreneur” is too masculine to attract more females. Well, in conclusion, I feel incapable to dig upon such a huge Pandora’s box with limited data. I rest my case My Lord.  

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