Tushar Lall: Rebooting Indian Classical through Indian Jam Project

Editor/Writer: Vivek Kumar and Mithilesh Kumar
Published on: 10th May 2020

About Tushar Lall

Tushar Lall is an Indian composer, musician, songwriter and a popular YouTuber of channel with the same name “Tushar Lall”. He is popularly known for his collaborative concept know as “Indian Jam Project”. It is a platform where Indian classical musicians come together to show how diverse Indian Instruments can be. 

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Encouraging the youths towards learning Indian classical Instruments is the success mantra of the channel. Let’s explore a little bit more about his life and his channel.

Tushar Lall Facts Book

Name Tushar Lall
Father's NameRaj Lall
Date of BirthDecember 2nd 1994
Age 26 (as in year 2019)
Channel NameTushar Lall (Indian Jam Project)
Place of ResidenceMumbai, India
CollegeJai Hind College, Mumbai
Birth SignSagittarius

Tushar Lall's Biography

Not one, Not two, neither three nor four. At least eight musicians, some not more than 20 years of age perished their life that night. 1912, the Titanic was engulfed by the ocean with those brave artists who played till the last moment to calm the passengers. Were they trained to perform in such circumstances? Of course not. But for sure, there is something more a human aspires than its life. 

Could that aspiration be music? I say, why not? Maybe it’s true what they say in the Vedas that the entire cosmos is just vibrations. And if one resides with that vibration in any way through their music, then why not? Maybe this boy understands music in a much deeper way to value that aspiration. This is the biography of the youngest YouTuber to win honorary “Dadasaheb Phalke” Award in Digital Space (2019) and one of the few who honoured those eight musicians through his music video.

Tushar Lall award

Tushar Lall's Childhood and Career

C’mon son. Perform something for uncle. Tushar’s parents used to encourage him to play something for the guests but that’s it! Pack up. Being born in a bureaucratic family, music was an insecure and unrewarding profession to pursue according to his parents like many other parents.


Even though his parents always encouraged him to pursue the path of knowledge and wisdom but along with having a safe career. 


But Tushar had no dilemma of choice from another profession. Music was his foremost passion and future profession. Maybe he resonated with his grandfather’s taste of music who used to be multiple instrumentalists.


But he was not born with musical talent. The musical flavour didn’t hit his taste buds until 4-5 years of age when he tried to play better keyboard than his sister out of jealousy. Ugh! Sibling things.

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It’s hard to say whether he won that competition or not but he was rewarded with the hunger for music. And within a few months after that, he was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award. Ha! That would have been a superhero story. But he indeed followed with all his superpowers to echo his favourite music patterns. And luckily, he was gifted with an emotional weapon to fight his lack of musical knowledge.


Born on 2nd December 1994, only after 16-17 years of age, he decided to pursue a formal education in music to understand the technical language for better communication with the musicians. With the same vision, Tushar completed his Diploma in Music Production from Jai Hind College, Mumbai.


The college experience not only introduced him with the technical knowledge but also with multiple classical musicians. One of them was Samay Lalwani, his friend and the Tabla player of his future video productions.


The idea of the fusion of Indian classical and western scores started hitting him. But it was not the right time. Destiny took him to New York, where he continued his music studies in Dubspot in the field of sound design, mixing and mastering. He completed the same in the year 2014. He came back home after that. Mumbai had some other plans for him.

Tushar Lall as a YouTuber

Tushar was much skilled after returning from New York. But there was something missing before he could start his YouTube journey. And one fine day, Tushar’s friend invited him to her father’s musical performance at an auditorium. Ignorant about the experience of any such event, he joined her out of curiosity. The experience stayed with him since then and inspired in many ways for his future journey.


Tushar realised the artist went into his own space while performing his instrument “Sarod”. He went to congratulate him at the backstage later the event. Sadly, he got disturbed by the incident he witnessed. The organisers refused to pay the artist a single penny and described the shawl and flowers he was offered after the performance as his payment. He discovered the high frequency of such incidents with the artist and other classical instrumentalists.


Tushar being a trained musician/composer himself, realised the range and potential of these instruments and the lack of interest and awareness among the youths. There was a need to present Indian classical with a different face. So Tushar borrowed his brother’s DSLR, wrote his composition and along with his musician friends experimented in his room recreating Game of Thrones music with Indian essence or in an Indian version.


It was published on 26 September 2014 as his first YouTube video titled “Game of Thrones Theme (Indian Version)”. The reaction of the public has reached more than 2 million views now.

But the journey was not all petals and no thorns. Even being a very talented musician, he couldn’t rely on just attention and no money to pay his bills. As a result, he with his fellow musicians performed at marriage ceremonies. And this is what he shares out of his experience,


A young and aspiring artist has to split his/her soul into two halves,

  • On half which can take care of their living or monetary aspect even if they are not satisfied with the creative aspect of the work. Tushar’s this half of the soul wrote jingles for a Viagra advertisement.
  • The other half which gives satisfaction and self-containment to the artist on the creative aspect. It could be either performing on the personal level or professional level.

Interestingly, the name of the collaboration didn’t come into effect until he published his second video titled “BBC Sherlock Theme (Indian Version)” and the original composer Michael Price himself tweeted Tushar’s recreation stating “cover by Indian Jam”. The name got picked up by the public as The Indian Jam Band which was further modified by Tushar as The Indian Jam Project (TIJP).

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  • Even though his YouTube channel is officially named as “Tushar Lall”, one could easily find his creations searching “The Indian Jam Project” popping out two of his most viewed videos as
  • Females are still unaware of this hidden gem resulting in very poor male to female ratio of the channel.
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  • 51 per cent of his chanel’s viewership resides from India and next popular destination for his videos being The United States.
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  • He also got the opportunity to share his views on TEDx Nirma University and TEDx Manipal University.
  • He successfully crossed the 300k subscribers mark on 24th May 2019.
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  • He was among Forbes Top 100 Celebrities (2019) and India Today’s Top 100 Millennials.
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  • Performed in more that 50 Live Concerts both in India and abroad.
  • His content is one among the most popular for Reaction Videos. Jaby Koay being on of them

And the list goes on for the awards and recognition. Even Bollywood knocked his door with sacks of money asking for remixing old songs instead of much difficult original composition. Good for the first half of his soul. But what about the second half? Was that fulfilled? Maybe not. Maybe a child who started learning Indian classical instrument inspired by his efforts could satisfy his second half. Or maybe the effort he put into co-writing lyrics and composing his original after 3 long years of Indian Jam Project could. Maybe the music itself will. Maybe his ideology of Detachment will. Or maybe never! The heart may go on!

  • Composed and Arranged by – Tushar Lall           
  • Sung by – Mame Khan, Tajinder Singh, Shatadru Kabir
  • Written by – Raj Lall, Tushar Lall
  • Orchestration by – Samarth Srinivasan Orchestra – Budapest Art Orchestra
  • Tabla – Rupak
  • Dhamankar Sarangi – Sandip Mishra

Editor's Column

Perhaps it was too early to unconsidered it as a superhero story. With the subtle look of an unshaven face and with his all-time half pants, the man tunes me as a Tushar Lall and the SquarePants. 

With Tushar entering our storybook, I would rather consider YouTube as a whiteboard where the creators paint in whatever form they like. It’s totally dependent upon the artist what to paint and how to paint. If it’s worth any dime, people will definitely buy it.

As we say


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