Tanya Khanijow: Desi girl around the world

Editor/Writer: Vivek Kumar
Published on: 1st November 2019
tanya khanijow in san fransisco


Tanya Khanijow is an Indian solo travel vlogger and publishes her videos mainly on YouTube. Tanya left her well paid corporate job to explore the world and make videos along with.

Let’s find more about her journey further in the blog.


NameTanya Khanijow
Channel NameTanya Khanijow
Place of ResidenceNew Delhi, India
CollegeDelhi Technological University
Year of Graduation2016


WELCOME TO NAMIBIA! Passengers are requested to collect their luggage at belt number 4.




Why would a girl travel solo in Southwest Africa? Is it safe? Is it a tourist destination? Well, you don’t get all the answers in your comfort zone is what Tanya believes in.


Tanya was born into an army family. Growing up in an army family, she didn’t get the privilege of a very stable childhood like her other schoolmates. The nature of his father’s job required continuous transfers. As a result, Tanya got the opportunity to study in 9 different schools across India.

This sowed the seed of desire in her to travel all the time. Not only just travel, it also educated her to appreciate and embrace other cultures and diversity. English helped her to manage into places where Hindi was not widely spoken. As a result, she perfected the language.


But everybody is not fortunate enough to convert passion into profession early in their life. She continued her formal education in the field of science. Tanya completed her 4 years of graduation from Delhi Technological University as an electrical engineer in 2016.


So, application and designing of electrical equipment after that? Well, not really! Life plays its own games. She was recruited as a Business Analyst in an advertising company. She loved the company, the work and enjoyed being there. Moreover, the financial independence gave her the freedom to afford her own trips. She tried to manage at least one trip a month. But the zest of travel always motivated her to continue it as a full-time career.


It was not fully planned. Tanya was on her monthly solo trip as usual. This time Pondicherry and decided to shoot videos along with. She didn’t use any fancy camera but managed with her mobile camera. She discovered her interest in videography and decided to upload it on YouTube. She was an amateur in the whole process. It took 3 weeks to edit her trip video. And September 1st 2017, uploaded her first YouTube video.

The response was overwhelming. With few more uploads Tanya earned 70 thousand subscribers in just 45 days.

She realised the importance of uploading videos regularly and frequently on YouTube which was impossible along with her full-time job. She had a tough decision to take. She started researching the methods of earning online, ways to fund travel and monetizing YouTube videos. She used her job experience and planned the finances to fund her videos for a few months.


It was difficult and emotional for her. After 1.5 years of her corporate job and managing YouTube and full-time job for 4 months, she finally quit her job in January 2018. Tanya got full support from her family as they saw her hard work and passion for her dream.

Miss Khanijow decided to take a month trip to Dharmshala. She felt sick. Of course, everything didn’t go as per her plan, but each and every trip helped her learning the art of solo travelling.


She advises future solo travelers as 

  • Don’t travel dark road valley.
  • Don’t get yourself too much drunk.
  • Get to your hotel/shelter at local standards.
  • Don’t talk to strangers who look fishy.

And, you will be safe.

With budgets, she realised that just adding videos on YouTube is not going to earn her enough money to fund her future videos. She used her skills to start a few other freelancing jobs like social media manager, photography and continued for a few months.


Her hard work and patience finally paid off. Her YouTube income completely replaced her corporate income after 6 months of quitting her corporate job. Tanya successfully converted her passion into profession.


Nothing stopped her thereafter. Her high quality, creative videos not only got appreciations but also sponsorships. Also, she was invited to narrate her inspiring journey at Tedx Talk.

Tanya shares that, not only she discovered new places while travelling but also new places within herself. She realised, travel vlogging helped her exploring new interests like cinematography and film making.

Following a similar rhythm as Jaby Koay, Tanya also credits her passion and love for making videos as the reason for her success in YouTube and not the lust for money and fame.


Oryx is the national animal of Namibia. I learned about it a few days before. Not just the animal but also about the country. Tanya describes Namibia as “One of the most amazing countries she has ever been to”.

We Indians often complain about western countries portraying India in a misleading way and creating a cliché picture. What are the clichés we have about unknown and undiscovered places?

Ignorance and lack of skills couldn’t be a complaining factor in this IT era for not working on your dream. We have definitely learned from the lives of YouTubers like Karolina Goswami and Tanya Khanijow. You just need passion and proper motivation for it.

As we say




Pics Credit: Tanya Khanijow

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