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Editor/Writer: Vivek Kumar and Mithilesh Kumar
Published on: 25th April 2020
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About Make Joke Of

“Make Joke Of” is an Indian YouTube Channel publishing funny animated videos in Hindi Language. Puns made in Kanpuri (District in Uttar Pradesh) accent is one of the distinguishing features of the channel’s content. Let’s dig a little deeper about this interesting channel with more than 8 million subscribers.

"Make Joke Of" Bio (as on 25th April, 2020)

Channel NameMake Joke Of
Youtube Join Date1 Aug 2017
Total Subscribers8.64 Million
Total videos uploaded29
Total views1.09 Billion
Origin CountryIndia

Make Joke Of YouTube Story

How many views will you give me for 30 YouTube videos? One million? 10 Million? 100 Million? What if I ask a billion? Yes, I might sound fanatic but what can I do? I just dropped into this channel named “Make Joke of”.

Starting his YouTube journey on 1st August 2017 by publishing its first video as “HO GAYA NAHIN…..HO GAYI (FUNNY CLASSROOM DRAMA),” MJO has travelled a long way.

But that’s not how the creator commenced his media journey. 19-year-old boy began his self-published digital journey as a Facebook memer mostly in Hindi Language.


“Make Joke of” flagged its 6 million subscribers in less than 2 years of marathon. The popularity of the channel not only speaks for the quality of the content but also the uniqueness of the genre introduced.


But, the high demand and low supply of the popular content created a gap in the social media inviting piracy, copyright violation and many other fake contents. This started deteriorating the credibility and the creative element of the MJO’s content as most of the fake channels didn’t follow the same vision and passion. This de-escalated its upload frequency. In action, the channel took a legal course and copyrighted all of its self-created characters and creative contents.


MJO with solo content creator, its brand is managed by Brandzup, an influencer-marketing and talent agency.


With reduced distractions and hindrances, “Make Joke of” briskly achieved another milestone of 8 Million subscribers on 28th March 2020.

I recently realised that indeed Data is Beautiful, from the channel with the same name. Following the same fashion with “Make Joke of”,

  • The simplistic approach of animation and subtle use of language is a savoury enjoyed by all age groups. In the digital-marketing age of target viewership, MJO entertains men and women equally.
  • Interestingly, Even being a Hindi based channel, India accounts for only 37 per cent of its total viewership. The United States is the second country with 15 per cent of viewership and other countries at 22 per cent.
  • “Make Joke of” stands under top 100 YouTube channels with average views per video as 37.52 million.
  • MJO’s two of the most viewed videos are titled “STORY OF AN INTERVIEW” and “AMRENDRA BARBER” with 84 Million and 76 Million views respectively as on 25th April 2020.

Editor’s Column

Since the demand and potential for MJO’s content is beyond just India, the channel must give a thought over quality translation in other languages too.


You could just google “app for creating Make Joke of like characters or animation”, you will get a bunch of them with the same name. “Make Joke of” is definitely shouting silently. Millions of subscribers and creating a whole new genre of content creation without revealing the true identity of the creator shows the power and potential of YouTube.


MJO is not only breaking the myths of the potential YouTubers but also inspiring to create and explore the untouched grounds of creativity. 

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