Jaby Koay: the trend setter of Indian content reaction videos.

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Published on: 20th Oct 2019
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Jaby Koay is an Asian-American YouTuber/Influencer from Los Angeles, California. He is popularly known for his reaction videos on Indian movie trailers/content. He is the trend setter and the most popular youtuber of this genre.


Legal NameAnthony Alba
Height5 feet 7 inches
Date of BirthJuly 31, 1984
Siblings1 Brother and 1 Sister
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, CA
Father’s NameStephen Vincent Alba
Mother’s NameJoyce Santos Alba
Channel NameJABY KOAY


Stephen Vincent Alba. No, that’s his father. 31st July ,1984, not a very long time ago, an unplanned child was born in the house of Mr. Stephen. Son of Mr. Stephen turned 35 this July,2019 and completed almost 13 years as a YouTuber. Anthony Alba. No, that’s his grandfather’s name and Yes, also the legal name of Jaby Koay.


Than how come “JABY KOAY”? Its an interesting game. Let’s play! Let’s choose some “Star Wars” legendary name for us. Thirteen-year-old Jaby used to play with his best friend. After several fantasy names, he ended up with Jaby Koay.



J stands for Jackie Chan

A stands for Anthony Alba

B stands for Bruce Lee

Y stands for Michelle Yuen

Koay is ‘Okay’ misspelled.


But, why did he name himself before these legends? Let’s find out.


Mr Stephen realised Jaby’s creativity in Film making/Acting early in his childhood. As a result Jaby wrote his first screenplay when he was eleven.


But with an Asian background, Jaby had some rough paths to follow. Getting bullied at school was one of the major reasons. He shared an event where he was almost drowned by a big guy in the pool.


Sad reality, he contemplated suicide when he was in 5th grade.


He realised the importance of self-defence and inner strength. As a result, growing up he idolized Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and following their footsteps, started his training in martial arts.


But his childhood passion of becoming an artist/film-maker held him to further continue his formal studies. He wanted to drop his formal studies after 10th and join the community college with adults. He saw very little scope for his dream in the formal education.


Of course! He was not allowed!


While Mr Stephen was optimistic about pursuing own’s dream and supported Jaby for the same, at the same time, his mother Mrs Joyce Santos Alba motivated him to follow the traditional path of job with benefits before pursuing his dreams.


So, he continued his high school (11th and 12th) along with the community college at evening. But he refused to join the formal college after that. Jaby wanted to start a job and try for some work in movies along with.


He was unsure and nervous too. He was struggling between the contrasting ideologies of his father and mother.He moved out of his house at the age of 21.

Eventually, he totally focused his time into cinema and successfully completed 8 years of commercial casting director.

Jaby Koay Family


So, how come more than a million subscriber youtuber??

July 20, 2013 Mr Stephen rested in peace. 9 days later, Jaby’s grandmother took the same path. Near future was not going to be any better for Jaby either.


Being popular among girls and with seven long term relationships, he indulged into a serious one. With his girlfriend and stepdaughter, he had a family to live for.


May end, 2015. Last run-up while doing a back flip something popped, ripped his tendent and injured his foot very badly along with the confidence for gymnastics. Jaby was not just struggling with broken foot but also with delicate relationship.


Finally, November,2015 he broke up with his girlfriend and was not allowed to have any connections with his family.It was the darkest phase of his life. With the help of his family and friends he dealt with himself by completely focusing in his passion.


Being a creative person, he likes reading books whenever possible. Rich Dad Poor Dad was one of his favourites read which helped him in analysing his situation to start his YouTube channel. He put the knowledge forward as-

  • Try to cut negative people around you, no matter how close are they to you.
  • Make sure, you are doing something which you love and would do it even for free for the rest of your life.

And December,2015 published his first Indian trailer reaction in his channel named “JABY KOAY“. This was not his first YouTube video but definitely the most popular.


He started with the intention to widen the scope of American audience towards international cinema but destiny had different plans. More and more Indian audience subscribed his channel and demanded for more trailer reactions.


He desired for 100k subscribers till the end of the full year so that he could leave his job and continue YouTube full time but India gave him a lot more. He reached his goal for the year in just few months.

jaby koay subscribers

With having an experience in the film industry for quite a long time, he adds his expertise into constructive and analytical criticism whenever required in his reaction videos.

Nearly 80% of his viewers are from India. He thanked India many times on helping him getting out of his dark phase.


Not just his viewers, but also some of the prominent Bollywood and Hollywood actors recognise and appreciate his work. Few of them are-

  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  • Will Smith
  • Kalki Koechlin
  • Aditi Rao Hydari
  • Jason Momoa

He got the opportunity to interview few of them.

His one of the most viewed videos hit more than 3-4 million views.

He has a concept of bringing new guests in his videos. One of the most common and video in partner is Achara Kirk. She is not considered a guest anymore and his reaction videos are often described as Jaby and Achara’s reaction.


Like other foreigners, like Karolina Goswami, he also had some cliché about India and Indian Film Industry. His idea about India and Bollywood was limited to Slumdog Millionaire.


Soon, he realised , it was much more than that while he explored different Indian content and India itself when he visited in the year 2018.


He is Fake!!!

He is Selfish and just cares about his views!!!

India was a calculated move to gain views!!!

Even though Jaby appreciate haters and ignores them most of the time, he tried to address all the accusations upon him.


Upon being called ‘Fake’, he did agree that he is not 100 percent honest as it will be too rude to be that honest. He follows the ratio of 75% truth and 25% nuance and definitely strive for 90-10.


Upon being called ‘Selfish for views’, de defended himself with an argument that being YouTube his only full-time job, views do matter. Only with the help of good views, he would be able to earn enough revenue to pay his bills, pay Achara and his Sister for helping him and continue the work he loves. It also helps him to understand the demand for a particular content BUT definitely ‘views’ is not the most important thing.


His desire to entertain people is more important for him instead, as per his argument.


Hatred is Loud but not Persistent. Even with multiple controversies, his growth states the demand for his content.


Just type ‘reaction videos’ in the search column of YouTube. The results would had not been the same, few years ago.


Even though, some people completely dislike this genre of reaction on Indian content, the increasing number of channels clearly shows the demand for it. Jaby is not titled with the first youtuber to introduce this genre but definitely the reason for its rise. In one sentence, trend setter of this genre.


Go Make Yourself Useful! His mom used to say, and he did.

YouTube is a platform where every content has its audience, and no wonder when the life takes an unexpected turn.

Jaby’s personal advice for potential YouTubers is to give something unique or not to give which has been already done million times or in the way it’s done.

As we say




Pics Credit: Jaby Koay

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