YouTube Creator Academy- Let's start your Youtube channel in 6 simple steps

Editor/Writer: Vivek Kumar and Mithilesh Kumar
Published on: 20th June 2020

A few days before I fell into a conversation with a friend about his sketching skills and how he used to win a number of Sketching contests in his school days. It completely blew my mind when I learned more about his talent.

As a reaction, I asked, “Why don’t you start your own YouTube channel on this genre?” He replied confusingly, “I don’t know how to start and manage a Youtube channel and neither have time to learn the entire method.” I laughed and instantly suggested “YouTube Creator Academy” to start and learn all the basics to manage a YouTube channel and how easy it is.

Out of curiosity, he asked me further about it. As I was much aware of it, I simply put 6 steps of managing a Youtube Channel and how one can learn from YouTube Creator Academy. So, here it is.

Step 1: Getting Started (Preparing the channel)

Step 2: Content Strategy (Setting Channel’s Vision)

Step 3: Production (How to make the content)

Step 4: Channel Optimization (Call the audience)

Step 5: Money & Business (Advertisement)

Step 6: Policies & Guidelines (The Constitution)

Here you will learn 

    • How to set up your YouTube channel
    • Upload videos 
    • Branding your channel. 
    • Also some of the important policies and guidelines for being part of the YouTube community.

Whether you want to create a beauty channel or gaming channel, educational channel or music channel or even a non-profit. Everyone wants to create great content, here you will learn 

    • What strategy you should use to create the content.
    • Finding your niche
    • How you should plan your long-term success on YouTube. 

This section will help you set your vision and sustainably move towards it.

Now that you have created your YouTube channel, decided your niche, and you also decided your content. Here comes the production. You will learn 

    • Equipment you should use
    • Planning your Shoot
    • Framing Shots
    • Using lights
    • Recording audio for the content.

After shooting your video, now it’s time for editing. You will learn types of editing tools you can use for editing and how to add music and sound effects to your video. You will even know how you can live stream on YouTube and more interestingly how to shoot video in 360-degree. So, there is a lot of learning here.

In context to a 360-degree view approach of creating content, Tanya Khanijow, one of the famous Travel Vloggers on Youtube shared her interesting learnings on this approach. Get a glimpse over here.

Channel Optimization helps you in ranking your content for YouTube search. 

Whether it is 

    • Making thumbnails
    • Writing titles and descriptions

it all counts. Doing effectively can help your content rank on YouTube. The main emphasis of this section is to how you can engage with your community in the best possible manner.

You’ll also know about your community through YouTube Analytics. Like, Who is watching your channel, how is your channel doing, how engaged is your audience, etc.

Even though it will help you get a good understanding of the section. One cannot ignore the brand called Neil Patel to earn a deeper knowledge of SEO, marketing and promotion of your channel. Slide over here to enter his kingdom of SEO knowledge.

Here comes the fascinating part of being on YouTube. Although not everyone has the primary motive of making money, there are creators who make loads of money from YouTube.

Here you will learn how you can make money or build a business on YouTube. There are a number of ways you can make money from YouTube, like

    • Channel memberships
    • Super chats and Super stickers, 
    • Brand deals 
    • Selling merchandise 
    • Shout out method ‘ads’. 

You will learn here, how exactly these things work.

If you’re part of a community it has some rules and regulations that everyone has to follow. In this section of YouTube’s Creator Academy, you will learn about YouTube’s community guideline, how to manage copyright permissions, how to protect your copyrighted content on YouTube, etc. You will also learn how you should respond to copyright takedowns.

It basically teaches you what you should do and what you’re not expected to do on Youtube.

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