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Published on: 13th September 2020
Charisma on Command

Quick insight about Charisma on Command

Charisma on Command is the United States-based popular YouTube channel that publishes content to teach personality development skills like confidence, humour, conversation, story-telling – basically everything about exuding charisma.


Let’s find out more about Ben Altman and Charlie Houpert from Charisma on Command.

Who is Charlie Houpert?

Charlie Houpert is the founder of the YouTube channel “Charisma on Command”.

Since the vision of any brand is very closely related to its founder’s life and perception. Here’s a sneak peek into Charlie’s intriguing journey of creating a visionary project called Charisma on command through biographics.

Biographics of Ben Altman

Who is Ben Altman?

Ben Altman is the co-founder of the YouTube channel “Charisma on Command”.

Born in Philadelphia, Ben Altman is a self-taught entrepreneur. After completing his high school, he went to the University of Pennsylvania and later graduated from Wharton School as he believed a school has more prestige.

Eventually he got placed in a financial services firm called Blackstone Group. But his life totally changed after that. He was working 80 hrs a week. It was completely the opposite of the life he wanted to have.

During the phase, Ben joined Charlie in the chain of reading the book “The 4-hour Workweek”. It gave him the perspective that you don’t have to have a job or have to work for someone else to sustain and live a life of your dreams.

Meanwhile he also tried working in a private equity firm called Hellman and Friedman. Ben thought it will be different from his previous job but nothing changed in the job culture. He had made up his mind that after the end of his 2 year contract, he is going to quit his job and work full-time to create his business.

But both Charlie and Ben had no idea of running a business. Both worked on the teaching Parkour business. Later co-started dating consultancy business called Kickass Academy. Ben and Charlie along with other friends finally left for Brazil after the end of the contract.

Ben had to adjust into new social and climatic shift. He was forced to be mute for 2 months due to vocal chord surgery. It was great damage for the group as their business was totally dependent on the vocal consultancies and events.

Ben also co-worked in their first book by learning the essentials from a book called “Running Lean”.

With years of self teaching, experiential knowledge, trial and error method, Ben and his co-creators have successful established a flourishing business called Charisma on Command stretching its horizon in various regional languages as well.

Decoding Charisma on Command

This is what google says about charisma, compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. Woo! quite charismatic. By easy words can we call one’s ability to influence others?


No wonder some people are naturally Charismatic,

either positively like Gautam Buddha,


or negatively like Adolf Hitler, 

to name a few. But the prominent question here is whether the quality is just natural or could be developed and more importantly, up to what extent?


Why don’t we just start with Charlie’s and Ben’s claim firstly who are in the business for a while now. They have been training millions on the importance of Charisma and how to have a command over it through their YouTube channel, online training program, books, and gazillion other ways.

YouTube Journey of Charisma on Command

It was all set. Beach house in their dream destination, living with best friends, Work of their choice but the business was far from stable. There was a need for a method to thrust the business.   


New York model was back again. Charlie and Ben started conducting one on one coaching for their clients.


Seminars were also playing their roles in developing the business. While the level of involvement and the process was much engaging at a personal level but the approach was limited and not enough revenue-generating. The business was struggling to support its cost and founder’s luxurious lifestyle.

The obvious move was to expand their client base so, they started exposing Charisma on Command through different mediums like YouTube and Social media.


It was a good accident. The intention with YouTube was more of supporting medium for their primary focus on personal coaching of personality development. But soon the founders realised the underestimation of YouTube and its potential to support their vision. What was underestimation? Let’s find out. 


It all started on 30th March 2014 when Charisma on Command published its first video titled “Daily Tip: Charismatic Body Language Evaluation” featuring Charlie Houpert.

It was a casual shooting approach without a tripod or any other lighting equipment. Even though the content was compelling, it didn’t attract much audience.


They experimented with a different approach. This time decoding celebrity’s charismatic methods.

They started with Bill Clinton and published one of a kind videos titled “How to Make Eye Contact: Bill Clinton Charisma Breakdown” 


It was made just for the sake of it. A few more videos followed the trail but without any high expectations. Various other experiments were still in progress under different platforms and 3 Years passed with the wind.


Unexpectedly, Charlie discovered while scrubbing through the past videos uploaded, that the Bill Clinton video had crossed 100k views. It was ground-breaking. He realized the potential of this side business and started feeding the demand. But what was so unique in these types of videos?

Why these videos performed so well?

It’s a great case study for all the future Youtubers so, let’s decode in the same style here.

YouTube Revolution of Charisma on Command

Everything changed after that. Soon they started hitting exponential growth and catchy statistics.

  • Two of their videos are wandering around 10 Million Views.
  • They hit a staggering total view of 348.14M as on 1st September 2020
  • They jumped from 2 Million views on 30th October 2018 to 4 Million in less than 2 years.
Charisma on Command
  • They are among the top 1 per cent Youtubers of the world.
  • With around 50 per cent of audiences residing out of the United States proves its global outreach and appeal.
Charisma on Command Geography
  • The male to female ratio of viewership proves the popularity among the boys more than the girls.
Charisma On Command Audience

Charlie and Ben feel whether it’s a primary school or MBA school, these establishments prove inefficient in educating the core skills to be successful in life. The very basic educational pattern of feeding the bookish knowledge seems vague in the real-life scenarios. Moreover, their real-life experiences taught them the importance of confidence and charisma to achieve their desired goals.


They consider Charisma University as the core of Charisma on Command. They have a vision of CoC beyond YouTube and it’s a step towards it. The duo have a dream of building a worldwide community of learners and future leaders.

Charisma University is a 6-week step-by-step program designed to give you all the tools you need to take your charisma to the next level.

Charisma on Command Book

Another influential approach from the community is the twin books.

Charisma on Command Body image

Charisma on Command: Inspire, Impress and Energize Everyone You Meet

Well, I guess the title of the first book speaks for itself. The book offers to teach the art of creating captivating charisma. To create an influential impact without even uttering a word.


Charisma on Command Book


Again, from the Author Charlie Houpert and this time with Editor Ben Altman, CoC brings you the laws, tricks, hacks or the skills to knit a perfect conversation with anyone. No matter you meet a stranger or a mutual friend, have a two-minute conversation or a long chat, the book claims to unfold the mastery of having a perfect conversation

That’s a different YouTube Channel of Charlie and Ben. Let’s talk about that.

Created on 29th of April 2019 titled “Charlie and Ben Podcast” has earned 25.8k subscriber as on 1st September 2020. It’s a relatively small community to dig into a deep and more casual conversation about multiple aspects like Captain America, Blackface, Comparison Syndrome etcetera.

Editor's Column

Now, back to the question that whether the charismatic quality is just natural or could be developed and more importantly, up to what extent? Well, the effort of Charisma on Command and its positive impact cannot be ignored so definitely it could be learned.


But the extent is questionable! Like any other form of teaching, it’s limited to the individual’s ability and how far s/he is willing to and could stretch. Whether we can see next great world leader coming out of Charisma University? I don’t know but willing to be surprised.


Talking about their channel, it’s not always about the content that attracts viewership but the influential impact of the story-tellers as well. Charlie and Ben actively participating in Charity Water and raising thousands of dollars for the noble purpose shows their experiential wisdom and commitment beyond business numbers.

Some people start their YouTube journey as a hobby cum profession like Jaby Koay. Some people start with a purpose like Karolina Goswami. Some start to support their business like Charisma on Command. What’s your reason? Comment down your pain areas to start your YouTube Channel and explore our helping hands.

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